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Datron Technology - Our History so far.....

Datron Technology Ltd. started in 1990 as the UK supplier for the renowned Correvit Optical sensors which are still used today by all Formula 1 teams as no alternative for accurate speed, distance and slip angle has been found. As measurement technology has developed over the last 20 years, we have kept pace by offering the best in sensor and data acquisition for a wide range of industries including: automotive, rail, aerospace, marine and all aspects of car and motorcycle racing.

To meet the demands of varied test requirements, we can offer a wide range of suitable measurement technologies: Correvit (Optical), Inertial Measurement Units (IMU), GPS, Doppler Radar (Microwave), Load Cells & Force, Laser Ride-Height, Fuel Flow, Infra Red Temperature, Telemetry, Data Acquisition & Logging.

Our supplier database includes some of the most established, highly rated sensor, data system and software developers in the world. Of these, many products are used exclusively in many race series and global automotive manufacturers.

If you have a moving application that needs developing, measuring or testing, we would be pleased to offer a solution

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