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About Us

Who we Are

We can apply our instrumentation to almost any vehicle and industry to acquire and evaluate a wide range of physical variables.  Speed, Distance, Acceleration, Time, Height, Position, Temperature, Pressure.

Over the years, the increasing requirement for its specialist non-contact, slip-free, distance and speed measuring equipment has enabled Datron to develop into a worldwide operating company, supplying a wide range of instrumentation products.

Some of the industries include: Automotive Manufacuring & Development, Car & Bike Race Teams, Formula One Teams, Rail Manufacturers, Road Survey Industry, Police Collision Investigation

The concept of extracting payback on investment is the overriding requirement of our customers. Payback is many things- the thrill of winning a race,developing an innovative technology or ensuring your product's safety in the market place.

For example: Datron can enable the motorsport competitor to assess performance and go on to be world class in their field or can provide test systems for optimizing the ride & comfort of a road car.We provide expert consultation and comprehensive instrumentation to empower increases in development productivity and give our customers the competitive edge.

Whatever your requirement you can consult our expert engineers who will evaluate to what you want to achieve and then use their application and product knowledge to create a cost-effective solution.

Technologies include: Optical Correlation for 1 & 2 Axis speed & distance, GPS Speed, INS Inertial Navigation Sysytem, Doppler Radar (Microwave) Speed & Distance, Laser distance, Infra Red Temperature

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