GREGORY flowtronic

Datron Technology Ltd will be showing for the first time in the UK at the Automotive Engineering Show on Stand j75, the range of high accuracy fuel flow meters from the German manufacturer GREGORY Technology GmbH. Fuel consumption measurement on combustion engines is becoming increasingly important all over the world in terms of saving energy. GREGORY Technology provides modern, state of the art, high precision fuel consumption measurement systems. The flowtronic product range is a series of modular systems and is the perfect solution for fuel consumption testing in mobile and
stationary applications.

The flowtronic sensor component is the core of the flowtronic system, and provides a very wide measuring range between 0.04 and 250l/h and offers an outstanding resolution of 0.004ml. Just one sensor covers all types and engine sizes and allows dynamic measurement in all conditions between idle mode and full load with same high precision. Additionally, the high
resolution together with a very low minimum flow rate of 40ml/h and no specific mounting direction of the sensor offers the greatest ease of use.

GREGORY Technology offers compact systems for use on motorcycles, cars, etc. In addition, the FCS-D series is specially designed for use on commercial vehicles. These systems are available with a measuring range up to 250l/h and provide a fuel circulation rate up to 700l/h.

Signal conditioning and user interfacing is provided with the new signal conditioning unit, SCU8005D. Features such as a touch screen display, user software, extra inputs for a distance sensor and trigger signal. Signal outputs as TTL, analogue and USB provide maximum flexibility for the user. The SCU8005D includes another important innovation, an optional integrated Ethernet interface offers a seamless integration into test benches and dynos.

The flowtronic systems are designed to provide optimised conditioning of fuel pressure and temperature to match the original engine configuration. The integrated heat exchanger and selectable fuel circulation rates ensure the original parameters of pressure and temperature as close as possible to original specifications.

Installing the flowmeter system as part of the fuel system is an important feature as this ensures minimal side effects caused by overlong tubes for fuel supply and return. As an additional benefit, the wide operational temperature range of -20 to +70°C allows system installation in harsh climates or in a climate chamber for dyno applications.