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We specialise in the measurement of vehicle dynamics with a wide range of technologies to suit exact test specifications

Typical uses are:

  • Performance / Acceleration Tests
  • Brake Tests
  • Coastdown Tests
  • Tyre Tests
  • Dynamic Ride and Handling Tests
  • Engine Tests
  • Chassis / Suspension Tests

Optical sensors for true "ground based" measurements of speeds, slip angles, ride heights etc - these also offer the lowest signal latency compared to other methods


  • 250 Hz high accuracy GPS with integrated inertial pack for complete coverage
  • Combining Inertial Navigation with GPS gives the ultimate dynamic tool for measuring of global position (to a real world 2.5cm), accelerations & rates in all axes
  • High-end data systems designed to cope with extreme conditions of temperature and vibration.
  • Application driven packages - please ask for details or advice

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