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Manufacturers and associated companies have optimised their developments by using our products. Sensors and Data Acquisition packages have provided the engineers with the ideal tools to easily monitor the dynamic perfomance of there vehicles from prototype stage through to production.


It's been proven time after time, in all types of motorsport, that Data Recording systems are an invaluable part of any race teams "toolbox". Datron can tailor complete data recording systems including sensors, logger (recorder) and wiring loom to meet the exact needs of race teams running cars, bikes or watercraft. From Privateers and Club racers through to Formula 1, Rally stage to Drag strip, Powerboat to Kart, talk to Datron first. We can also supply an extensive range of sensors that can be used with your existing systems.


Datron provide innovative, non-contact measurement solutions to a variety of applications in Rolling Stock and Infrastructure testing for both Mainline and Light-Rail environments. From a simple doppler speed sensor to a complex track mapping system Datron can offer an accurate time-saving solution.

Survey Systems

If you are involved in Road Mapping/Surveying, Railway Mapping/Surveying or in Aerial Survey and Photography you need highly accurate and reliable positional information every time.

Datron offer a high-accuracy,single box solution using combined Inertial Navigation and GPS technology.

Collision Investigation

Datron Technology are suppliers of the well known VERICOM Brake and Performance Meter instruments.These are quickly becoming the de-facto standard unit for assessing both "co-efficient of friction" and in "skid-to-stop" tests in Collision Investigation at many Police Forces throughout the UK and world-wide.


Paper, Cable, Textile and Steel are only a few of the industries that we have supplied with our non-contact length and speed measurement sensors. These sensors will enable you to measure length, speed and slippage of you production material together with the line speeds of the production machinery.In the CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY Datron has developed a data recording system for Static Load Testing of Piling systems.Using six linear potentiometers and a load cell displacement and load can be recorded over several days of testing.The test operator can view real-time data and also download test files on a PDA whilst at a safe distance from the test.


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