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Specialist Solutions

Success Stories

Please read a few of our success stories below.


Mojo Suspensions

Mojo make special suspension systems for downhill racer mountain bikes. They needed a way of quantifying suspension system parameters to optimize its performance. Datron provided the solution with an Isaac data recorder and sensors measuring wheel speed and suspension travel plus accelerometers to monitor the acceleration/deceleration of the suspension dampers.


Mike Newman

Mike Newman is an exceptionally brave man. Mike is blind but has driven a high performance car at 180 mph, alone! Datron equipped Mike's car with systems to record his speed and acceleration to verify his status as World Record Holder for blind drivers. Datron also equipped the chase car, from which Mike's father gives him directional guidance, with systems to relay his speed data for verification.


Horse Power - Literally

The 2D system was used to measure the actual top speed of a horse. Monitoring the performance allows the trainer to define accurate routines to increase efficiency.
Acceleration, Speed, Distance, Weather Conditions, Stride Length at Gallop can easily be measured using the 2D kit.

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Ultima Sportscars

Ultima Sportscars have a reputation as being the ultimate in performance. To help them prove it Datron provided recording systems to supply accurate data about 0-60,0-100,0-100-0 and 0-150-0 speed records for road legal cars. Ultima now have data to show that when it comes to out-and-out performance their sportscars outshine all the "famous names".


Car Makers

All modern cars have a large number of Electronic Control Units (ECUs) which "talk" to each other through a databus system, they also collect information from dedicated sensors installed all over a cars chassis, suspension and powertrain. When developing and testing new models all manufacturers need to monitor and record this data traffic to ensure that the data is correct and reliable. Datron have supplied a number of UK-based car makers with test systems specifically engineered to collect this bus data for analysis by their engineers. This information is often collected alongside other parameters from sensors which are installed on the development cars during the test phase only. Datron have engineered a number of integrated systems to collect both types of data simultaneously.


MicroSAT helps PhD Student

I used the Microsat for a particularly important part of my PhD and frankly, I don't know how I'd have managed without it. Unfortunately, I've since joined the ranks of the over-qualified unemployed so I really can't say at the moment when I'll next be in a position to hire or purchase any kit.
Many thanks for an excellent piece of equipment though. Best wishes, Paul.


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