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AB Dynamics Steering Robots

AB Dynamics has the widest range of steering robots in the world; whatever your requirements are, we can offer you the best solution. Our robots are the industry reference point – the 25 most successful vehicle manufacturers in the world use them.

A steering robot applies accurate and repeatable inputs to a vehicle’s steering, allowing the test engineer to completely remove the variability that comes from a human driver. The range includes robots specifically designed for vehicle dynamics, durability testing and ADAS development, with models that exceed the requirements for tests such as the NHTSA Fishhook, FMVSS 126 / Reg13H sine-dwell and many other industry standards.

Our steering robots are engineered to the highest standards to ensure that they are reliable – the first ever robot was supplied in 1997 and is still in use today.



  • sr15
    Low cost geared model
    Ideal for ADAS testing and driverless use
    20Nm maximum torque

    The SR15 was designed to meet the requirement for a low-cost steering robot which could easily attach to a vehicle’s steering wheel without removing the airbag. It’s a very popular choice for ADAS testing and is also well-suited to durability applications.

  • SR15 Orbit

    Geared motor which fits behind steering wheel
    Improved driver ergonomics compared to SR15
    20Nm maximum torque

    Using the same lightweight motor as the SR15, combined with the split-gear design of the SR60 Orbit, this model can be installed behind the steering wheel rim for excellent driver ergonomics, or in front of the rim where the dash or stalks would otherwise interfere.

  • SR35

    Ultra-low inertia and friction
    Replaces the sR30 model
    43Nm maximum torque

    The SR35 replaces the hugely successful SR30 – the original steering robot. It uses a lighter, thinner version of the SR60 motor to provide ample performance for typical driving scenarios and vehicle dynamics tests (but isn’t suited to fishhook or sine-dwell testing). It has the lowest rotational inertia of our range.

  • IMG_0428

    Ideal for fishhook, sine-dwell and other high torque tests
    Best-selling model
    70Nm maximum torque

    Designed specifically for high-power tests such as the fishhook and sine-dwell, the SR60 is our best-seller, used worldwide by OEMs and test houses. With a maximum speed of over 2500°/s, the SR60 can apply steering inputs that no driver could do. If required, the Orbit version can be used without removing the airbag.

  • SR60 Torus(S) in R-Type side view

    Unique, patented design with direct-drive hollow motor
    Ideal for fishhook, sine-dwell and other high-torque tests
    85Nm maximum torque

    Perhaps the ultimate steering robot, the Torus offers the best of both worlds. Its hollow centre means that it can be installed without removing the airbag, while also being quieter and smoother than any geared robot. The Torus is protected by international patents.