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The perfect route to upgrading your GNSS.

Protect your investment and combine your GNSS with our Inertial+. Designed as a drop in component, the Inertial+ blends accelerometers and gyros with data from an external GNSS receiver. It gives smooth, continuous position measurements, even in poor GNSS environments. The Inertial+ is a true Inertial Navigation System at an exceptionally low cost.

Please see below for an overview of the system.


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    Smooth Position

    GPS often jumps because of multipath and changes to the satellite constellation. The Inertial+ measurements are computed from the gyros and accelerometers, which do not jump. GPS is used to update these measurements and prevent them from drifting.

    Continuous Position

    Even when GPS is not able to make a measurement, the Inertial+ will output from its inertial solution. Using a wheel speed odometer input the drift rate in position can be as low as 5 metres in 2 minutes.

  • 6-axis Inertial Navigation System
    Use Your GPS Receiver
    No jumps in position
    True Heading
    Accurate Measurements
    GPS Time Aligned
    Shutter Time Capture
    Distance Output
    Wheelspeed/Odometer Input
    100 Hz or 250 Hz Updates
    Low Latency
    2 GB Logging
    Quick Installation
    Compact Size.

  • Aerial Survey
    Inertial+ sensors transform existing GPS receivers into integrated GPS/INS providing real-time georeferencing measurements.
    Enhance the accuracy and increase the reliability of GPS systems so they continue to operate during GPS signal black-outs around trees and buildings.
    Asset Management
    From street furniture to pylons, the Inertial+ provides the information you need to efficiently survey the position of your assets.
    GIS data acquisition
    Additional measurements like roll/pitch and heading, available in real-time and post-process and an increase in GPS accuracy and reliability.
    Land Survey
    Our gx/ix algorithms maintain 2 cm RTK accuracy more reliably when operating in difficult urban conditions or around trees.
    Road Survey
    Link your existing GPS receiver to an Inertial+ to prevent position drop-out under bridges and in tunnels, and increase accuracy in built-up areas.
    Mobile Mapping
    Additional inertial measurements increase the accuracy and reliability of GPS receivers and make georeferencing easier.