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CORREVIT Optical Sensors are still the choice of race teams

All Formula 1 Teams, some LMP Teams, Tyre Manufacturers and anyone who needs accurate body velocity and slip angle choose to use the CORREVIT Optical Sensor. Although there have been advances in GPS technology it still has not come close to replacing the optical sensor in terms of accuracy or response.

The advantages of CORREVIT Optical Sensors are:

  • 250Hz output rate (4ms updates)
  • The slip angle is measured lower down in the vehicle
  • Has low latency

Disadvantages of GPS:

  • Only 20Hz output rate
  • The antennas have to be mounted on the car roof, which is no good for transient testing
  • Noise is high (Averaging can help the GPS but there are long term errors, lasting 10 minutes normally, which is about 0.3 degrees peak-to-peak that the averaging process cannot remove.
  • To get the maximum accuracy you need a 2m separation of the antennas. Try that on a European car!