Enhanced GNSS

Using GNSS can be a quick and easy way of collecting data, as long as you have satellite visibility! 
In the event of a drop in satellite coverage, there would be nothing for a GNSS-only product to measure.

OXTS Enhanced GNSS products help overcome these issues by taking the data stream from your GNSS receiver, combining it with inertial measurements, and outputting blended GNSS/ Inertial measurements at 250Hz even in poor GNSS environments.


Land-based survey

  •     Aerial survey
  •     Mobile mapping
  •     Lidar mapping
  •     Surveillance
  •     System integration
  •     Ground studies
  •     Transport network surveying


  •     Position measured up to 2 cm accuracy
  •     Velocity measured up to 2 cm/s without the need for a base-station
  •     100 or 250 Hz systems
  •     Real-time output
  •     Additional measurements unavailable to GNSS-only solutions
  •     No data interruptions during GNSS blackout
  •     One box solution for easy installation
  •     Distance output to trigger external devices
  •     Event input to synchronise with external devices
  •     Single satellite aiding (tight coupling)
  •     NTRIP receiver compatible
  •     Post-processing using RINEX files
  •     Comprehensive software suite included at no extra cost