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AB Dynamics Pedal Robots

Our pedal robots can be used on their own or combined with a steering robot to provide full control of a vehicle. The brake robot range is used by vehicle manufacturers, brake and tyre suppliers to test and validate vehicle braking performance.

The Combined Brake and Accelerator Robot (CBAR) is the most widely used pedal robot, allowing precise vehicle speed control as well as brake or throttle inputs. The CBAR can be upgraded with a backup safety brake system for use in driverless testing.

The range also includes a throttle robot and a clutch robot which can be combined with a gear-shift robot. As with all AB Dynamic’s driving robots, pedal robots can be quickly installed in almost any vehicle, making them ideal for benchmarking competitor vehicles.


  • CBAR500

    ADAS testing and Durability
    Max brake force 750N or 1300N
    Upgradeable for driverless testing

    The combined brake and accelerator robot CBAR600 is the best-selling of our range of pedal robots, used in a wide range of applications. It’s the standard choice for AEB testing and other ADAS tests, and also the easiest way to add speed control to a vehicle dynamics test. There is also a CBAR600L version for improved driver ergonomics, or a CBAR1000 version with the capacity for more braking force.

  • brake robot

    Versions available for longer term installations and maximum rigidity
    Max brake force  750N or 1400N

    Robots available as underseat versions, or replacing the driver’s seat with a bucket seat to replace it.

  • accel robot

    Controls throttle position or vehicle speed
    Can be combined with BR1000
    Max force 150N

    The AR1 was the original tool for controlling throttle position and vehicle speed (before the CBAR was designed). It is the lowest-cost way of adding simple speed control to a steering robot system and can also be combined with a BR1000.