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CAEMAX Dx Telemetry

  • Up to six analogue inputs per sender unit: strain gauges, temperatures, analogue signals, freely programmable
  • Total sampling rate: up to 4.8 kHz (16 bit)
  • Synchronised data collection and processing of up to 4 sender units (SCTs)
  • Transmission and display of temperature and battery power at the measuring point
  • Wordwide authorisation-free operation of the wireless connection (2.4GHz band)
  • Integrated standard interfaces: Analogue, CAN, Ethernet Convenient configuration by RemusLAB software
  • Mechanics: heat- and impact-resisting
  • Plated-through soldering connection points: No more soldering pads coming off!
  • SCT dimensions/weight: 44x24x10mm, approx. 14 grams
  • Power supply: +9 to + 36 V/DC, ring stator or inductive head

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  • 3 channel transmitter unit
  • For wireless transmission of measurement data from rotating devices to a stationary data processing unit a suitable telemetry system is needed, which basically consists of two modules: the signal conditioning transmitter (SCT) and the receiver control interface (RCI).

    Radio transmission in license-free frequency bands
    Measurement data can be radio-transmitted within different ISM frequency bands — in the 433 MHz, 866 MHz or the 2.4 GHz frequency band (please specify when ordering).
    Within the chosen frequency band, any desired frequency can be selected by the operator.
    The 2.4 GHz frequency band, extensively used in wireless communication via WLAN and Bluetooth, may be used worldwide without official authorization.

    CAEMAX’s new telemetry sender SCT may either be supplied by battery or by the ring stator RX1 (or an inductive head).
    Clean-room application as well as optimal calibration are among the services offered.