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Pedal Effort Sensor

Sensor to measure the force exerted on the brake pedal during brake tests.

  • Determine force exerted on the brake pedal during brake tests
  • Record the pedal force independently of the angle of activation
  • Suitable for use with brake test stands and for normal driving.

The Pedal Force Transducer mounts quickly and easily using a rubber strap.

There are 3 different versions available:

  1. Signal transducer with digital display unit
  2. Signal transducer with analogue display unit
  3. Signal transducer with integrated amplifier

Versions 1 & 2 offer a display of the current pedal force, as well as storage/ display of the maximum achieved pedal force.

Version 2 displays an analogue signal representative of actual pedal force for connection to a data recorder.

There is also an attachment available for handbrake testing.