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Throughout the UK Police Forces are equipping their Collision Investigation Units with VERICOM Brake and Dynamics testers from DATRON TECHNOLOGY.
A total of 18 Police Forces in England,Wales and Ireland are now using the VERICOM VC3000 & VC4000 products with several more planning to order in 2010.

The Vericom instruments offer many advantages over the types of Skid Testers and Decelerometers that have been in use by Police C.I.U's for many years.Having Dual and Tri-axis accelerometers built-in Vericoms are able to measure not just vehicle Skid-to-Stop and Road Friction Co-efficent but also vehicle accelerations to set speeds,between set speeds and also over time and over distances which are defined by the user.

In addition to the standard braking and acceleration testing some Forces have purchased
VERICOM DAQ (Data AcQuisition) models to undertake more complex testing functions such as Air and Hydraulic Brake pressure recording on HGV's and LGV's to determine the effectiveness of the braking system.
Up to 12 additional sensor may be connected to the Vericom DAQ models so the data from these sensors will be recorded simultaneously with the braking parameters.

Other applications for which the Vericoms are being used are………….
# Motorcycle braking and acceleration testing,including Horsepower calculations to establish if a bike has been de-restricted.
#Recording forward and lateral accelerations over short distances when pulling out from a T- junction. 
#Brake pedal pressure and travel recording during braking.                                                                                                           #Using the GPS sensor data (optional on VC4000PC & DAQ models) for geographical location data where tests are done.

and many others……………………………….

For the latest information and prices on the Vericom VC4000 range or if you would like a demonstration and evaluation contact the Datron team today.