Today’s unmanned aerial and ground vehicles require compact, lightweight and highly accurate GPS + INS solutions. We have designed the innovative xNAV200 to meet these requirements. The system is designed to deliver superior position, roll/pitch and heading data even in challenging operating environments.

  • This product is all about size and accuracy. Available from just 365 g, the xNAV fills the gap between light-weight inertial systems that are not accurate enough and accurate inertial systems that are not small enough. In UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) the xNAV is accurate enough to give about 1 m pixel accuracy at a height of 1000 m but without dominating the weight allowance of the aircraft.

    Tight-coupling, differential GNSS, dual GNSS heading and, of course, fantastic inertial sensors all combined to give great performance. The tight-coupling ensures GNSS measurements continue to be used in difficult conditions. Differential GNSS, either post-processed from a standard RINEX file or logged in real time with a base station, make it easy to achieve sub-metre position accuracy. Combined forward-backwards (in time) processing and the odometer input (for wheel based vehicle use) minimizes the drift when GNSS is not available to 2.5 m in 1 minute or 1 km, surpassing many larger and more expensive systems.

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  • Small, lightweight
    Up to 2 cm position
    Dual-GNSS: stable heading accuracy
    Up to 0.1° heading
    0.05° roll/pitch
    Export license free
    100 Hz update rate
    Over 24 hour data recording
    Timing synch input/output
    OxTS gx/ix™ technology
    Reliable in poor environments
    Low drift rates
    OEM/integrator packages available
    Post-processing suite included

  • Geo-referencing sensors

    Unmanned aerial vehicles

    Road surveying

    Laser scanning

    GIS survey

    Aircraft qualification

    Motion reference