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Surveying Systems

Our Inertial + GNSS systems can help you georeference your images, video or LiDAR data. Already have a GPS/ GNSS solution? Supplement it with our Inertial+ for true 100Hz inertial data!

Aerial Survey

Our Inertial Navigation systems provide high accuracy position and attitude measurement used to georeference aerial survey data.

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Rail Survey

GNSS only systems have a difficult task when faced with a rail environment; bridges, tunnels and trees can block satellite signals. OXTS products can still measure in this environment as they are inertial + GNSS.

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Enhanced GNSS

GNSS systems can suffer from drop-outs and slow data rates. By using an OXTS Inertial product, an existing GNSS solution can be improved by blending INS data.

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Mobile Mapping

Inner city buildings, tree lined roads and other difficult GNSS environments mean that a GNSS-only product is likely to suffer satellite drop-outs and gaps in the data. Using an OXTS product can help by blending inertial and GNSS.


Small, lightweight sensors for the new generation of micro-UAVs. Real time outputs, less than 400g and 100Hz inertial/ GNSS.

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