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DL2 Industrial Data Logger

The new GPS enabled DL2 data logger features integrated accelerometers and many input/output options, making it individually a very capable data/testing system. Alternatively it can be incorporated into a more complex system with our SPEEDBOX products.


  • Potentially thousands of channels of data
  • Log data from sensors, GPS, CAN, OBD/ J1939, Serial
  • Up to 12 Analogue inputs (8 standard)
  • 4 Frequency inputs + RPM high/low level
  • Analogue inputs sampled at up to 1000Hz
  • 2 Serial ports support ASCII or binary data (2nd port optional)
  • 2 CAN ports, supporting raw and J1939 a up to 1Mbit (2nd port optional)

The DL2’s powerful processing allows real-time calculations on live data e.g. comparing all 4 wheel speeds to show spin and braking lockup. These calculations can be displayed live on a DASH4PRO display or logged for later analysis.

The new DL2 industrial data logger is designed as the perfect partner to our SPEEDBOX MINI range of testing products. The stackable cases (stackable case option available on SPEEDBOX MINI) and aligned data ports allow for simple connections and easy mounting for the system.

Options include:

  • 20Hz GPS
  • Extended range 6G accelerometers
  • Gyro Option for vehicle yaw
  • GoPo HD Video Synchronisation (software option)
  • Low Side Output drivers + 4 extra analogue channels
  • High Accuracy Export
  • CAN Transmission/ additional CAN inputs
  • Second CAN port
  • PWM Output Controller + Advanced Frequency Input
  • 1000Hz Data Logging

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