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RT3000 v4

High-performance, ITAR-free GNSS/INS for when where matters most.

Combining survey-grade GNSS positioning with OxTS’ best ever inertial measurement unit, the RT3000 v4 offers a robust, out-of-the-box navigation solution for uninterrupted position, orientation and motion data in all environments.

Quad-constellation GNSS support (GPS, Galileo, BeiDou and GLONASS) maximises satellite coverage along your route.

OxTS’ latest IMU10 technology sets a new benchmark for inertial measurement price and performance.

OxTS gx/ix tight-coupling algorithms provide enhanced multipath rejection in urban canyons and faster RTK reacquisition after temporary, complete outages.

Advanced vehicle model algorithms constrain navigation output to those which match the motion profile of land-based vehicles, such as no rotation on the spot, to filter out erroneous sensor data.

Wheel Speed Odometer interface reduces position drift by aiding the navigation engine with real-time velocity inputs.

OxTS LiDAR Inertial Odometry (LIO) post-processing software reduces drift by aiding the navigation engine with velocity and angular rate updates from a LiDAR.

Embedded NTRIP client and PPP support provide flexibilty in your GNSS correction source.

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OXTS RT3000v4 Final-4

  • ITAR-free: no export licence requirements

    Ship your RT3000 v4 globally without requiring export licences. The RT3000 v4 leverages advancements in OxTS’ navigation engine to achieve a new level of performance using components that are not subject to export control

    Low dynamics warm up

    The RT3000 v4 gets to specification within three minutes of low dynamics movement – removing the common inconvenience of time and space required for high dynamics manoeuvres before each data collection.

    Post-processing tools included

    Avoid the hassle of software subscriptions with OxTS software suite, NAVsuite, included free-of-charge. NAVsuite contains all of the applications you need for device configuration, real-time monitoring, post-processing and data visualisation.

    Reliable, real-time data

    Combines two survey-grade GNSS receivers with OxTS’ latest IMU10 inertial technology to deliver uninterrupted position, orientation and dynamics in all environments The RT3000 v4 outputs real-time data at 100 Hz (250 Hz optional) via ethernet, serial and CAN. All data is logged to the 32 GB internal storage.

    Tailored to your needs

    Make the most of your budget by tailoring your RT3000 v4 to include only the functionality you need. Add additional functionality to your RT3000 v4 as your requirements change with remote upgrades.


  • ISO17025-accredited calibration Confirms the IMU in your RT3000 v4 is performing to specification with tracability certification.

    RT-Range Calculates real-time vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-lane measurements.

    CAN acquisition Logs CAN data from other devices, or the vehicle, to the internal 32 GB storage.

    LiDAR boresight calibration and georeferencing Aligns and combines data from the RT3000 v4 and LiDAR into a georeferenced pointcloud.

    Precision Time Protocol (PTP) Synchronises all devices in your system to a single clock.

    TerraStar support GNSS corrections service that does not rely on communications infrastructure.

    Network DGNSS Enables GNSS corrections to be sent and received over ethernet.

    LiDAR Inertial Odometry (LIO) Fuse LiDAR and OxTS INS data in post-process to significantly reduce position drift

  • Vehicle dynamics testing

    Slip angle measurement

    Steering robot guidance (AB Dynamics recommended)

    Brake testing

    NCAP AEB testing

    Electronic Stability Control (ESC) testing – NHTSA FMVSS126

    Dynamic lane change – ISO3888

    Autonomous vehicle ground truth reference

    Survey Applications