• AB Dynamics Flex-0 for drive-by-wire

          Use our software to control your vehicle directly For vehicles with drive-by-wire capability, our Flex-0 controller can

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  • New Guinness World Record!

    FPT Industrial breaks a Guinness World Record, recorded by Datron Technology. Piloted by Fabio Buzzi, the 1700+ HP boat stormed

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  • OXTS RT featured on Guy Martin vs the Robot Car

    Guest appearance from an OXTS RT system on Guy Martin vs the Robot Car! This ground-truth reference gives a driving robot its

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  • Datron Technology exhibiting at CENEX LCV, Millbrook- 6&7th September 2017

    Register for free for the UK’s Premier Low Carbon Vehicle Event. 6th ‐ 7th September 2017 — Millbrook, Bedfordshire    

  • Autonomous vehicle sensor validation

        0.5 m drift in 60s GNSS blackouts 0.03° pitch and roll accuracy to measure vehicle handling 0.01 m

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  • Cameras from RN Vision

    With an angle of 120 degrees, all four cameras offer a wide view without distorting perspective; this creates a unique experience

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  • Post Processing Inertial Navigation Data

    Using Inertial + GNSS systems from Oxford Technical Solutions, it’s possible to get some amazing results where a GPS-only product

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  • Suction Mount for GNSS Antenna available

    Looking for a way to securely mount GNSS antennas to a glass or fibreglass roof? Thanks to their modular design,

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  • RT1003 launched!

    The new RT1003 from OxTS is a compact, single-box GNSS/INS system specifically developed to fit into ADAS testing targets such

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