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Rail Survey

Getting consistent data out of a GNSS-only product is very challenging when working in a rail environment.

Frequent obstructions can mean drop-outs in data, multipath from reflections, and poor satellite visibility. These conditions mean that it is not possible to collect data, and repeated tests would need to be carried out.

OXTS products don’t rely on just one measurement principle.
By using the measurements from a six-axis inertial measurement unit as well as a GNSS receiver, they can calculate and maintain position even when passing through a deep cutting or under a bridge. 250Hz update rates mean that the system can provide a constant picture of its orientation for video and lidar systems.


  •    Trackbed scanning
  •    Lineside vegetation monitoring
  •    Capturing track geometry
  •    General mapping


  •    Position measured up to 2 cm accuracy
  •    Additional measurements unavailable to GNSS-only solutions
  •    No data interruptions during GNSS blackout
  •    One box solution for easy installation
  •    Distance output to trigger external devices
  •    Event input to synchronise with external devices
  •    100 or 250 Hz systems
  •    Real-time output
  •    Single satellite aiding
  •    NTRIP receiver compatible
  •    Post-processing using RINEX files
  •    Comprehensive software suite included at no extra cost

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