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Enhanced GNSS

Using GNSS can be a quick and easy way of collecting data, as long as you have satellite visibility!

In the event of a drop in satellite coverage, there would be nothing for a GNSS-only product to measure.

OXTS Enhanced GNSS products help overcome these issues by taking the data stream from your GNSS receiver, combining it with inertial measurements, and outputting blended GNSS/ Inertial measurements at 250Hz even in poor GNSS environments.


Land-based survey

Aerial survey

Mobile mapping

LiDAR mapping


System integration

Ground studies

Transport network surveying


Position measured up to 1 cm accuracy

100 or 250 Hz real-time output

Additional measurements unavailable to GNSS-only solutions

No data interruptions during GNSS blackout

Distance output to trigger external devices

Event input to synchronise with external devices

Single satellite aiding (tight coupling)

Built in NTRIP modem

Post-processing using RINEX files

Comprehensive software suite included at no extra cost

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The right product depends entirely on the application.
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