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Survey Systems FAQs

  • Drift is a big problem when carrying out aerial surveying.I need good position information at all times during my survey runs and cannot wait around for still air conditions.What can I do?

    An excellent solution is to use an Inertial Navigation System with two GPS antennas.The Datron OXTS RT3003 is a survey proven system which incorporates a high accuracy Inertial Measurement Unit with two GPS antennas.Drift can be measured to correct the exact position data recorded.

  • When carrying out aerial photography can I get accurate position information which will be recorded when the camera shutter operates?

    Yes,the Datron OXTS RT3000 system has a trigger input which can be integrated with the camera shutter operation and the exact global position recorded.

  • I need accurate global positional data when carrying out Highway Asset scanning.My GPS is unreliable.Is there anything better that won’t cost £100K ?

    GPS suffers from loss of signal when under bridges or tree cover and also when between buildings in towns and cities.To get good positional data an Inertial Navigation System such as Datron’s OXTS RT INS/GPS system is required.This compact product is a single-box solution with a core IMU using laser gyros and accelerometers.The GPS signal is only used when it is good to help overcome the drift inherant in all INS systems.With prices starting from just £13,750 + VAT the RT units are ideal for all forms of survey work whether road,rail or aerial.