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Moshon Data

The EVT EuroNCAP Vehicle Target provided by Moshon Data conforms to the EuroNCAP specifications as defined in the official AEB test protocol.

  • AEB City
  • AEB Inter-Urban
  • FCW
  • The Moshon Data EuroNCAP Vehicle Target (EVT) was developed to simulate the rear end of a standard production car and is suitable for RADAR, LiDAR and camera based systems.

    The cover is printed with the EuroNCAP specific image of a VW car and incorporates reflective elements to aid LiDAR based technology. Moshon Data has made approved modifications to improve the assembly and use of the EVT. A radar absorbent foam section is sewn into the bottom to avoid it being lost or forgotten.  The cover is quickly fastened at the rear using a stretch cord and toggle method and the same method is used to tension the front and rear faces to the balloon.