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High-precision steering effort sensor: The CLS

With the innovative CLSx steering effort sensor, the original steering wheel of your vehicle becomes a high-precision instrument that measures steering torque, angle, steering velocity and acceleration in x, y and z directions. Whether passenger car, truck or construction machinery, the ultra-slim sensor can be placed between the steering column and steering wheel in just a few simple steps. The functionality of the original steering wheel including airbag is completely preserved.


  • Important features at a glance:

    Detects torque, angle and rotational velocity
    Acceleration measurement in X, Y & Z directions
    World’s smallest and lightest sensor
    Optimized for autonomous driving tests
    Quick and easy installation on almost all vehicles


  • Ideal for the following standards:

    ISO 4138 Steady-state circular driving
    ISO 7975 Braking in a turn
    ISO 7401 Lateral transient response test
    ISO 3888 Severe lane-change maneuver
    ISO 7401 Sinus weave test
    ISO 17288 Free-steer behavior
    ECE-R 79 Steering equipment
    NHTSA Fishhook test (tipping stability)

  • Technical Data – CLSx

    Steering torque

    Parameter Value Remarks
    Measuring principle temperature compensated strain gauge application
    Measurement range ±100 Nm others upon request
    Accuracy 0.1% FS Combined (gain error and non-linearity)
    Bandwidth 0 to 800 Hz sampling rate 5 kHz

    Steering angle

    Parameter Value Remarks
    Measuring principle incremental angle encoder
    Measurement range ±1440 °
    Accuracy 0.045 °
    Bandwidth 0 to 800 Hz sampling rate 5 kHz

    Steering velocity (angular velocity)

    Parameter Value Remarks
    Measuring principle calculated from angle
    Measurement range ±2048 °/s
    Bandwidth 0 to 800 Hz sampling rate 5 kHz

    Vibration and acceleration

    Parameter Value Remarks
    Vibration in the center of the steering column, measurement range up to 5 g in x, y and z direction
    Rotational acceleration measurement range ±10000 °/s2

    General data

    Parameter Value Remarks
    Sensor height approx. 30 mm without adapter
    Sensor weight approx. 0.6 kg without adapter
    Overload >100% of the measurement range
    Mech. breaking torque >500 Nm
    Adaption special adaption sets for any car or truck manufacturer available
    Moment of inertia

    Steering wheel or column adapter

    approx. 3000 g cm2

    typ. approx. 500 g cm2

    Working temperature -20°C to +80°C

    Control unit

    Parameter Value Remarks
    Supply 9 to 36 V DC
    CAN output freely configurable
    Analog output freely configurable, max. ±10 V
    Auto zero with push-button for torque and angle at
    the panel or by remote control