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Mobile Mapping

GPS/ GNSS systems can suffer when satellite cover is affected by tall buildings, trees and other obstructions. This would lead to inconsistent (if any) data capture.

OXTS products solve these problems as they don’t rely on just one measurement principle. By combining inertial and GNSS, positional and attittude data can be output at up to 250Hz, even in GNSS blackout.


  •     Lidar mapping
  •     Mobile mapping
  •     Digital imaging
  •     Environment studies
  •     Ground surveying
  •     Rail survey
  •     Road profiling
  •     Traffic sign inventory
  •     Asset management


  •     Position measured to 1 cm accuracy (DGPS)
  •     High-accuracy velocity measurements
  •     Real-time data output
  •     Wheel-speed input
  •     Event input to synchronise with external devices
  •     Comprehensive software suite included at no extra cost
  •     Distance output to trigger external devices
  •     High-accuracy pitch, roll and yaw measurements
  •     Includes post-processing software
  •     Static initialisation
  •     Consistent, reliable data output
  •     No data interruption during GNSS blackout
  •    100 or 250 Hz system
  •     NMEA output
  •     Single-satellite aiding (tight coupling) for use in urban environments

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