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Powerful measurement modules for mobile applications

Measurement modules used in the automotive industry must be robust and compact because they are often placed in areas such as the engine compartment where space is limited and temperatures can be high. The new imc CANSASfit series works reliably from -40° to +125° C, has a protection rating of IP65 and, due to their small form factor, can be placed almost anywhere.

The powerful modules for mobile applications enable direct connection of all typical signals such as voltage, current, temperature, rpm, distance and speed. The digitized measurement signals are output as CAN messages and can be read or recorded by any measurement, automation or control system with a CAN interface.


Specification sheet



    • Measurement module for voltage/current, temperature, frequency
    • Operates from -40° to +125° C with condensation allowed
    • Robust housing with IP65 rating, MIL STD-810F
    • Click-mechanism connects modules electrically and mechanically into one unit
    • Central or distributed installation
    • Complete galvanic isolation
    • Measurement data output via CAN
    • Incl. configuration software

    The imc CANSASfit series modules can be quickly connected using the click-mechanism: both mechanically and electrically. Blocks can easily be formed by simply clicking individual modules together without the use of wiring or fasteners.

    Available modules include:

    imc CANSASfit-T-10 : 10 channel module for measuring temperatures

    imc CANSASfit-UTI-6 : 6 channel measurement amplifier for voltage, current and temperature measurements

    imc CANSASfit=ENC-6 : module for acquisition of frequency, rotation, position and angle counter signals