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Aerial Survey

Looking for an aerial surveying product to measure position and attitude for geo-referencing? Check out the OXTS range of products. Cost-effective, quick to install, easy to operate.

as well as outputting real-time data, the OXTS range of products comes complete with post-processing software.

In applications where space is limited, or data capture in the same plane as LIDAR/ video/ laser is required, the user can displace the point of measurement.

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  •   Airborne imaging
  •   Remote sensing of vegetation
  •   Airborne glacial monitoring
  •   Power line and electricity pylon inspection
  •   LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) mapping
  •   Mapping of coastal lines
  •   Cultural heritage sites or forests
  •   Surveillance
  •   Law Enforcement
  •   Hyperspectral imaging


  •   High-accuracy time-stamped navigation measurements
  •   Position accuracy to 1 cm
  •   Real-time and post-process solutions
  •   Comprehensive software suite included at no extra cost
  •   High-accuracy pitch, roll and yaw measurements
  •   100 or 250 Hz system
  •   Event input to synchronise with external devices
  •   NMEA output