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Available as SPEEDBOX or SPEEDBOX MINI, with the following differences in the MINI:

  • Only available in standard / RTK / or INS versions. The IMU option is not available
  • The power supply input is 9-15V rather than the higher 9-30V voltage range of the standard unit
  • There are no analogue inputs or outputs
  • The unit is much smaller, with the complete unit measuring only 160 x 132 x 27mm
  • Lower cost than a standard SPEEDBOX unit

The SPEEDBOX- INS is a high precision automotive speed sensor. using GPS and inertial technology for an accurate and robust measurement.

20Hz GPS combined with inertial measurements to output 200Hz speed measurement on all channels.

Simple to install and us, no complex initialisation requirements.

Ideal for brake-testing applications thanks to high-accuracy, low latency and low noise.

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