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Sentronics Flowmeters

Advanced Ultrasonic Fluid Flow Measurement Solutions

Sentronics is a leading supplier of ultrasonic flow measurement products for automotive testing, motorsport and aerospace applications. Our comprehensive range of leading-edge ultrasonic products represent the future of portable fluid flow monitoring technology.

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  • FlowSonic LF

    FlowSonic-LFLow- Flow Ultrasonic Fuel Flow Sensor
    +/- 0-4000 ml/min Operating Flow Range
    2.2kHz Measurement Rate
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    FlowSonic HF


    High-Flow Ultrasonic Fluid Flow Sensor
    +/- 0-500 l/min Operating Flow Range
    CAN, TTL pulse, analog output formats
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    FlowSonic FCM


    Ultrasonic Flow Sensor Control Module
    Real time display of flow rate, temperature and other useful information
    Capability to integrate separate density meter for true mass flow data capability
    CAN, TTL, analogue and digital outputs
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  • FlowSonic Elite

    The ultimate motorsport fuel flow sensor
    Homologated for F1 and LMP1
    Accurate to +/-0.25% of reading
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    FlowSonic Super


    Mid-specification Ultrasonic Fluid Flow Sensor
    Suitable for single fuel series such as NASCAR, DTM, Super GT etc.
    Accurate to +/-0.50% of reading
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    FlowSonic Pro


    Accurate, robust and affordable fuel flow monitoring
    GT3, Touring car, Junior Formula etc
    +/-0.75% of reading with true 1000Hz measurement rate
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