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ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance) Systems

Most advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) have been developed, tested and validated, worldwide using OxTS equipment.

By coupling an RT-Range and RT inertial and GPS navigation system in each vehicle, it is easy to monitor the real-time position, velocity and orientation of multiple “target” vehicles in relation to a “hunter” vehicle with up to 3 cm accuracy. The RT-Range CAN bus outputs make it simple to acquire and analyse results in your favourite CAN based data acquisition system, or let the RT capture your sensors’ CAN bus data and use NAVgraph.

The measurements from the RT-Range are comprehensive, so you are unlikely to need to compute anything yourself. Just select the measurement you want and go.


  • Collision avoidance testing
  • Radar, Lidar and vision qualification
  • Balloon car testing
  • Adaptive cruise control testing
  • Testing lane departure warning systems (LDW)
  • Testing forward collision warning systems (FCW)
  • Autonomous emergency braking systems (AEB)
  • Blind-spot detection testing
  • Full beam headlight management testing
  • Autonomous vehicle development
  • Sign-post recognition testing
  • NHTSA FCW, LDW legislative tests
  • EU AEB legislative tests


  • NHTSA FCW test
  • EU AEB tests
  • Forward range, lateral range
  • Forward range rate and lateral range rate
  • Forward range acceleration and lateral range acceleration
  • Horizontal range and angle (polar co-ordinates)
  • Time-to-collision
  • Time-to-collision (with Acceleration)
  • Time gap
  • Local co-ordinates
  • dX, dY local co-ordinates
  • Independent of RT and antenna location