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OxTS Inertial + GNSS Systems


Looking for a slip angle sensor that can be mounted anywhere in the vehicle, rather than with a view of the ground? It can also work in the wet, and over poor surfaces- even off road!

The OxTS RT3000, RT1003 and RT500 can all achieve high levels of slip angle accuracy (to 0.15°) at up to 250Hz, at the same time as offering roll, pitch, yaw, accelerations, speed and position.

These products are tightly-coupled Inertial Navigation Systems, not to be confused with GPS systems, which means they only reference satellite information to counter drift over time with a Kalman filter.

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  • 280_RT3000nexttoRT1003-e1480610001782

    Compact dual antenna product
    Ideal for ADAS applications
    2cm position accuracy, 0.25 degree slip angle accuracy

    Ideal for Euro NCAP AEB VRU tests where size and weight are critical
    No hidden costs—antennas and software included free

    RT1003: Click here for more information