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RT1003 launched!

The new RT1003 from OxTS is a compact, single-box GNSS/INS system specifically developed to fit into ADAS testing targets such as pedestrian or cyclist rigs, target carrier platforms and other soft crash targets.

The new RT1003 from OxTS is a dedicated product designed to deliver just the right balance of performance and features at a very attractive price point for all size and weight critical ADAS validation needs.

Following the Global NCAP, NHTSA, IILS organisation roadmap, the RT1003 is another step on the road to NCAP success by delivering superior practical hardware solutions in the form of a compact, single-box product for space-constrained target solutions.

The RT1003 has dual GNSS receivers (GPS and GLONASS capable) for accurate, stable heading even during slow manoeuvres like during the Euro NCAP pedestrian tests.  The RT1003 can achieve 2 cm RTK positional accuracy and outputs real-time data over Ethernet, CAN and serial with low latency. It comes with a driving robot interface making it ideal for use with AB Dynamics driving robots. Its 10 g (optional 30 g) accelerometers make it ideal for automotive applications where space is limited.280_RT1003withPed

Like all other RT GNSS/INS systems from OxTS, the RT1003 can be upgraded at any time and is shipped with all necessary cables, antennas and includes the NAVsuite configuration, data analysis and reporting software. What makes this product unique, apart from its small form factor and attractive price, is that it is export control free and can be shipped and operated worldwide without any export licences. So whether you’re an automotive engineer doing winter testing in the northern hemisphere or integrating the RT1003 into your target platforms – shipping won’t be any hassle with the RT1003.



For more information on the RT1003, please see our product overview here.